The quality ski and snowboard school

Ski school is a name that stands for a young, dynamic team. Our ski instructors know this region like the backs of their hands, all superbly trained and highly motivated to help make your vacation into a truly special experience. The greatest success in the shortest possible time – Ski School is your guarantee !

The ski-school team has gone through excellent training, guaranteeing that you’ll enjoy the greatest possible success, fun and action galore – and all in an ultra safe setting.

Why Ski School?

How qualified is your ski instructor?

With so many qualifiying bodies and levels of ski qualification how do you know your teacher is actually qualified?

Level 1

This qualifies instructors to teach in a non-mountain environment (e.g. on a dry slope).

To achieve this qualification you must:

Pass Level 1 technical/teaching module (1 week);

Have a valid first aid certificate;

Have 35 logged hours of ski school experience

Level 2

This qualifies instructors to teach in the mountains.

To achieve this qualification you must:

 Pass Level 2 technical/teaching module (2 weeks)

Have a valid first aid certificate

Have 35 logged hours of shadowing (additional to the hours achieved for the Level 1)

Level 3

At this qualification instructors achieve their ISIA. The ISIA is huge achievement as it is an international standard, which is normally given out at the country’s top level.

To achieve this qualification you must:

Speak a second language

Have a valid first aid certificate

Have 200 logged teaching hours

Level 4

At this qualification instructors achieve their ISTD (the International Ski Teachers Diploma).

This is the top qualification in the British system and instructors with this qualification can work all over the world.

To achieve this qualification you must:

Attend Euro Mountain Safety Training (4 days)

Pass the European speed test

Our Staff

Martin has been with Ski School since 2008, he now lives in Zermatt year round and spends his winters teaching and skiing and his summers working in one of the photo…

He has been teaching in Zermatt since 2007 and has also spent 2 seasons in New Zealand. He loves to be in the mountains, in winter he is out riding every day whatever…

I first skied at age 7, loved it and wanted to be a ski instructor! Many years later, I’ve taught for over 18 years; 12 years in Steamboat Springs, Colorado…

Skiing has been part of Sam’s life since he could walk, growing up in Morzine during the winters has given him lots of opportunity to ski and he has always…

I have over 25 years of teaching skiing (I started young!) Teaching in a number of different countries, including 12 winters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has opened my eyes to…

This is Sarah’s fourth season teaching skiing in Zermatt. Sarah learnt to ski at the age of 9 in Switzerland. Since then she has skied all over the world before returning to…

Vicky has been skiing since she could walk and learnt to ski in France. She spends the summers instructing Down Under or teaching English as a foreign language.

Heidi is a winter addict, with this being her 10th consecutive season! As well as teaching in Zermatt, she also works on the south island of New Zealand at Treble…

Steve loves skiing, enjoys travelling and has ski and teaching experience across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan including 7 seasons of teaching. Bringing a variety of knowledge from multiple…